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A singer, who with nearly enchanting easiness and elegance of the great diva confers each composition its own character with her extraordinary expressive and charismatic voice, either through lyrics or pure vocal art.

(Michael Ternai,


Miniatures are tender yet full of fire, sincere and passionate, delicate and candid. Inspired by jazz and songwriting, this melodious music is intertwined with poetic lyrics in Slovenian, English and German; a tightrope dance between bright and dark, first and last moments of life, conflict and grace.

Tjaša Fabjančič – voice, composition, lyrics

Michael Lagger – piano

Robert Jukič – bass

Philipp Kopmajer - drums


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Released 2020 by Session Work Records

Available here

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Flower Daughter
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Radio show Prva vrsta, Radio Slovenia, 1. program

Sound engineer: Grega Samar, producer: Tone Jurca, assistant: Cole Moretti,

camera: Matjaž Šercelj, host: Milan Krapež, assistant: Matej Jevnišek

show editor: Alja Kramar, chief editor: Simona Moličnik

Copyright RTV SLO


Stories of hope of the uprooted and lonesome, of threshold encounters, of search for identity are told in the new songs of a Slovenian singer and composer Tjaša Fabjančič. She draws the tales from her dreams, the lively images – this line from the song Najeta soba/ Rented room can be applied to the entire poetic, slightly surrealistic landscape of the album PRIPOVEDI / ERZÄHLUNGEN / TALES. Tjaša Fabjančič’s songs resonate in a unique cocktail of chanson, world music, jazz, as well as Slovenian pop and folk tradition, flavoured by delicate, even mysterious sound of Slovenian language. On this journey through imaginary worlds leading along fado, blues and waltz, sophisticated rhythms and Slavic melancholy she is accompanied by two of the most distinguished Slovenian musicians, Robert Jukič on bass and Marko Brdnik on accordion.

Tjaša Fabjančič - voice, percussion, composition, lyrics

Marko Brdnik - accordion

Robert Jukič - bass

Released 2013 by Session Work Records 

Available here

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"With “Circles” the young vocalist and her band succeeded in making a strong album. Even after listening to it a few times, the songs do not lose their appeal and each time reveal new surprises and secrets. The album is simply a must for every lover of sophisticated sounds.” 

(Michael Ternai,

Tjaša Fabjančič - voice, composition, lyrics

Michael Lagger - piano

Patrick Dunst - reeds

Michael Ringer - bass

Reinhold Schmölzer - drums



Released 2011 by Session Work Records 

Available here

Smeh in solze
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